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      2. This is our story.

        It starts on the farm, but doesn’t stop there.

        We're a co-op that's going exciting places.

        Get to know us


        job hunters.

        The agriculture and food industries are growing fast. So are the opportunities. With a variety of positions available in a lot of different places, we’ve got just the career for you.

        Join our team
        Cows In A Milking Parlor In A Line
        The Land O'Lakes, Inc. O With A Cow In The Middle
        A Farmer In Kenya Working In A Greenhouse
        An Orange Hazy Sunset
        Blue Background
        Food Bank Of Iowa Logo
        A Woman Feeding Chickens

        Let’s work together.

        We're committed to making our world a better place. After all, being a co-op means being a responsible partner and good neighbor.

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